Dear Pokey

Dear, just like I know the details
Of your course in details
Without a negotiation of skills,
Even though it’s purchased by the order of reduction.
Dear Pokey, the sea is lucky .
Without enough timeline to project how swifty the nose is acting like a drainage.
Dear, I think, the link to blink once, is on the surface of the ink,
But a cohesion spat it out like a snake releases is venom.

Fast is the acronym for fore
But the red cross is placed on the chest of fog.
Dear Pokey, the light seems like it’s shining, right?
But what can make it not to shine, is the left side of thought?
Resting to rise the doom in the absence of light
That is strange, in a left side thought
Bruising the head of a snail
With a file of words, the tools of a sledge hammer.

Pokey, why flicking around like the eye of an owl.
Oh! The feast of a green beast with slim thoughts around
The table of green mist like the winter
In the thought of a smart fellow
Looking like the journey of an earthworm with great insight.
Duly controlled by the rotation of smart thought.
Hello! Words that depend on response as received.
Just the Pokey dwelling on the timeline of events

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