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The Confound (Episode Eleven)

Continued from the last part…

Roseline laid on her bed that night but she was unable to sleep. She kept having this bad thought about her husband. For the first time ever since she was married, she suspected that her husband was having an extra marital affair.

If he doesn’t have any woman over there, why does he usually feel comfortable days away from home?

She wept silently for a while then sprang to her feet as if she suddenly remembered something. She went to where she had dropped her bag earlier in the evening and searched for Michael’s complimentary card . When she found it, she smiled as if she had just found a source of comfort.

“Is this guy married?” she asked herself. “I just wish I can call to appreciate him again but this is an ungodly hour to call a married man.” She checked the time again, 10:55pm. “Let me give it a try, is he not a doctor? At least he may have sometimes received emergency calls at times like this.

She switched on her phone and dialed the number, he didn’t pick up. After trying again three different times, she gave up. Just then, a thought crossed her mind, why not send a WhatsApp message when he receives that, he will definitely respond later and they can chat on from there? It seemed to be a good idea to her.

She sent the message to him via WhatsApp immediately. Thank goodness that it was the same number he gave her that he used for his WhatsApp. She sent the short message to him,

Thanks for today Doctor Michael, you are so nice. God bless you.” —Roseline.

The message was delivered immediately. Rose also noticed that he was online. That was probably why he couldn’t pick her call, she guessed.

What really happened was that Michael was on a call with his ex-wife, Eliz on his other phone line when Rose called, he didn’t know who the caller was but decided to check back later. After his conversation with Eliz, which of course proved abortive as usual, he decided to chat with some friends online since he wasn’t feeling sleepy yet. He had slept for two hours after he came back from work in the evening but now, he didn’t feel like going to bed. He saw Roseline’s message on WhatsApp and he replied. Rose was just coming back from the bathroom where she went to shower when she heard her phone beep. She rushed to it in anticipation, wishing it was Michael and indeed it was him. She smiled with great delight. The kind of feeling that engulfed her was the type that engulfs a girl that had just fallen in love for the first time.

She kept reading Michael’s message over and over again. It read: “It’s my pleasure Rose flower, beautiful women like you deserve this kind of favour, I am glad I did.”

After some minutes, she noticed that Michael was still online, she wished he would just send another message so that they could continue chatting, she didn’t want to be too forward.

She waited and waited and jumped at every beep thinking it was Michael but no it wasn’t.

“He is probably busy chatting with his wife, my own husband will not do that. Only two minutes phone call, he is gone,” she sighed.

Then, she suddenly started feeling guilty. “What is wrong with me? This is a married man or at least another woman’s future husband, why should I be doing this? Oh God,” she cried, “I just wish my husband is there for me especially on lonely nights like this…

” Just then, her phone beeped, it was Michael’s message on WhatsApp.

“Hello, are you still there?”

Rose quickly wiped her face, she was so excited. Why she was feeling this way for this man, she couldn’t understand.

“Yes, I’m here,” she typed.

“Wow, I thought you would have slept and also I didn’t want to disturb a married woman at this time, knowing fully well that you would be with your husband,” he replied.

“Oh! My husband has travelled. He went on a business trip and besides, I don’t feel sleepy yet.”

“I see, can I keep your company then till you feel sleepy, give me the privilege to do just that.”

“Thanks, I will appreciate that a lot but how about your wife?”

“Wife? No wife”

“I don’t understand, what do you mean by ‘no wife’?”

“My wife left me some years back, she insisted on staying abroad, which I opposed vehemently, I don’t like staying abroad, I prefer owning my own hospital in Nigeria, so she left with our daughter ever since.”

“So, you stay alone?”

“Yeah, for now.”

“I am sorry about that.”

There was a bout of silence.

“Hello,” Michael typed, “do you mind if I hang out with you next tomorrow, that is Saturday?”

“Hmmmm, what kind of hanging out, if I may know?”

“Just to go somewhere to have some nice time, I don’t really keep friends, I feel bored at times, you know.”

“Okay, no problem.”

“Alright then, see you by 7pm on Saturday.”

“Okay, I have to go now, I am feeling sleepy already.”

“Alright dear, sweet dreams.”

Roseline felt so happy. She wasn’t sure of where this was leading her to but she didn’t mind. All she wanted was to start a friendship with this wonderful guy. She yawned and lay on the bed, satisfied at last that she would see Michael very soon.

Just then, she remembered she hadn’t prayed. She sat up to pray but her tongue was tied.

“Do you think God is foolish Rose?” came a voice from within her. “You are lusting after a man who is not your husband, yet you have the guts to pray?”

Rose felt so guilty all over. She lost the boldness to talk to God in prayer and at the same time, she couldn’t ask God for forgiveness because she knew it was of no use, she was still planning to see Michael anyway.

She soon slept off and dreamt of the outing with Michael all through the night.

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