My tail is my companion
The moon is my light
My snout raised high
To salute the night
The darkness is welcome
I treasure the shadows
I don’t walk the path
My course is steered by wherever the wind flows

I am a drifter

I belong nowhere, to nobody
I know no fellowship, I seek none
Only the unknown, the “where to”
Never the “where from”
I paw the dead leaves, they are my kin
Cut from the source yet seeking no redemption
Desiring no retribution; only the serene
I beg no patronage: it is unbecoming
But be assured of my regard
And find not my detachment condescending
For I ask nothing of you
I seek no redemption, no iniquities stain my cowl
Prick your ears at the dead of night
Can you hear the lone wolf howl?

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  1. I must commend Francis for the well constructed work. The visage of this work is quite impressive. The descriptions are lucid. Probably a work to impress look.
    It’s great keep it up!

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