My Day

Just like the leaf springs
My soul also springs
To see the sparkle of shinning rings
A pet surprise of overwhelming happiness
A deep wrinkle of excitement
Down the hill of joy
I felt good about my choice
For the day of life’s race
A race full of joy
To be well out for good performance
Of the day shinning so massively
Like a big halogen lamp

A day of dancing stars
Smiling to other stars
Which mood is so hilarious
To chin out wrinkles out of the space
Glinting so good to be used
To decorate the stars of the space
A Halloween from the west coast of the space

Numerous number of times
I tie my narrow barley
A lovely drink to beefy
My strength to be the pursuit of mercy
Just so different without comparism
A tree beside the bank of a stream
So fresh like the oxygen we take in
The sight of life for golden crown

A stay in the future
Is just like a diamond of wonderful structure
Mudded with nutrient of mysterious natures
The spirit of beautiful couture
With a curtain of mysterious lining
To attract the best of living
In a day of good quality present like this.

Happy Sunday.

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