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Finally I am home. I walked into the sitting room and saw mum wailing on the ground. Aunty Bisi with two other ladies were consoling her. She got up from the ground immediately she saw me. She ran towards her daughter that had been missing for almost a year. She hugged me not minding my smelly, muddy uniform.

“Tessa, thank God you are okay.” She kissed my forehead.

The rest ladies with my aunt were happy until one dropped a bomb. “Tessa, where is Lida?”

My head became hot as I saw the images. I saw his filthy hands dragging down her skirt. I tried to untie my self to help her. She didn’t deserve to go through the pain of being penetrated without no feelings. The pain of being touched by an idiot, a god forsaken idiot. I couldn’t do anything else other than yell at him to stop.

My head betrayed me by showing me another clip. How the bullet put a hole right in her forehead… she was in a pool of her blood.

“Tessa.” Mum shook me out of my thoughts.

“Why are you crying?” It was then I realized my eyes were wet and my heart had begun to fail me

“Mum… sh…” I couldn’t even talk, all I wanted at that moment was to cry my eyes out. “She…”

“She’s what?” Mum was crying already. I can’t break the news to her, the trauma will be too much. I blacked out.

I opened my eyes a little and my vision was blurry. Mum was carrying me in her arms out of the house. All I could feel was pain burning through me no part excluded.

“Samuel get the car my daughter is dying,” I heard her voice faintly and closed my eyes back. I was hearing voices calling my name.

“Tessa stay with us please,” I heard and opened my eyes picking a blurry vision of Aunty Bisi.

“Samuel,” Mum was shouting but it was faint to my hearing. My body organs where dying slowly.

I opened my eyes and saw Lida sitting by my side on our bed.

“Lida, are you back?” I got up and hugged her with teary eyes.

“Tessa I will miss you so much.” My eyes shone as I withdrew from the hug.

“You are not going, are you? You are staying right?” I chuckled.

“Sorry I had to leave so soon sister.”

“Lida, you’re not going anywhere. What am I going to tell mum?” I began sobbing.

“Tell her that I am fine,” she said as she kissed my forehead.

Lida left the room and closed the door, waving goodbye before she closed it. I got up, opened the door to follow her but I fell into a dark pit. I began shouting her name as I fell until I saw light.

My vision was clear now. I saw that I was in the hospital on a life support machine, with an oxygen nose mask. Lida was gone and to never return, I have to accept the fact.

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