The Face of Africa

Like an inestimable African trace
he is highly sought for
Like a bob song with unknown euphonium
he is worth more than four
Like a tad dancing so exuberantly
he is wearing the face of bliss and being gladsome

He is Africa’s elegance
The real ebony divinity
My glory and the prudence
The real beauty of lion
he worth more than silver
In the beauty market

Eyes so complete in perfection
A picture that is whiter than snow
body structure also reflects
A cute soft spot that illuminates
Hair strands without deformity
A collection of great hair cuts you never knew
And his dapple
Like an article that penetrates the soul

Africa is blessed with beauty
But he is exceptional
Africa men are handsome
And Africa women are unique
But he is straightforward
Africa men are adored
But his is sensational

He is the real face of Africa
It is so glaring
Whether in Asia or Europe
It is something that is worth listening to
I’m so fortunate he is a priceless African parcel
Which explain my joy beyond scales

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