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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Eighteen)

Continued from the last part…

Trisha’s POV

I froze as my eyes shone in astonishment. That was the least thing I was expecting from Davis even as his drunken state. I stared at him as he kissed me, I wasn’t pushing him away and I wasn’t kissing back. His hands went to my waist and that was when I tried pushing him off but he was too strong. Then he pushed me gently back and made me lie on the sofa with him on me. He was slowly caressing my back and I found myself responding to his kiss.

Suddenly he stopped kissing and I realized he had fallen asleep—on me. I tried pushing him off but he wrapped his arms possessively around me. I gently brushed my lips on his and his head fell on my chest.
My heart was already on a marathon. His full weight was on me and I couldn’t push him off even with all my skills as a spy. I finally gave up and placed my hands on his back. He’s going to go wild in the morning when he wakes up and finds himself on my body.
He sleepily moved his hands down my waist and I shut my eyes at the sparkles of sensation. Not even in my dreams did I picture myself with Davis. I inhaled deeply then dozed off.

The next morning…

Davis’ POV

I moved on my bed but found myself not moving. My arms were wrapped around something. Then I flung my eyes open to find myself lying on Trisha with my hands around her. I stared at her pouted lips as I remembered everything that happened the previous night.

I got up violently and she woke up. Immediately she saw me, she shut back her eyes and covered her face with her palms.

“Jeez… you seduced me,” I said.

“You forced yourself on me, you drunk,” she said with her palms still on her face.

“You knew I was drunk yet you didn’t stop me. Instead you took advantage of me.”

“Did you wake up and find me on you? You were the one who took advantage of me because you were drunk and stronger than me,” she retorted, then got up. Immediately our eyes met, we shut our eyes.

“I don’t want to see you ever again!” I yelled, then proceeded to go to my room with my eyes still closed till I hit my head on the wall.

“Serves you right,” Trisha chuckled.

I ignored her and ran up to my room, then I shut the door and fell to the ground. I still can’t believe that I did all those crazy things.
I hastily got dressed for school, then I ran out of my room and bumped into Trisha.

Immediatly we saw each other, we ran back to our various rooms.

Shit! How do I go to school?

I heard Trisha shut her door then lock it with the key. I quickly ran outside, entered my car and zoomed off.

Trisha’s POV

I heaved a deep sigh of relief as Davis drove off. I touched my stomach as it grumbled, I was damn hungry.

I headed for the dining room and the maid had already served breakfast. I sat down to toasted bread and tea. When I was done, I left for the bus stop.


I walked into the huge gate of Starshine High. My heart started another crazy rhythm as I walked down the hall. I took my bag from my locker and headed for class. Immediately I stepped into the class, my eyes met Davis’. I swallowed and looked away, then something hard hit my head and I fell.

Davis’ POV

I got up in anger as Trisha fell flat on the ground. Daphne had intentionally thrown a small box at her head and she was bleeding from where the box hit her on her forehead.
Chase ran to help Trisha, while I went to Daphne and her puppies where they were giggling. I raised my hand to hit her when a slap landed on her face and it was Eva.

“How dare you?” Daphne flared up and Eva slapped her again. Daphne’s puppies, Chloe and Anna tried fighting Eva but I held them each on my hands.

“Get me the box,” Eva said to a girl that stood at a corner.

“Don’t think of it,” Daphne snarled.

“Now!” Eva yelled and the girl reluctantly gave the box to Eva.

“Eva don’t,” I said but she raised the box to hit Daphne when Chase stopped her.

“That’s enough.”

“She has to feel what Trisha is feeling now,” Eva said.

“That isn’t necessary.”

The bell rang for the audition and everyone started leaving. Daphne made to leave when Eva pulled her back..

“This should never repeat itself again or you’ll be sent to the mortuary,” Eva seethe.

“We’ll see about that,” Daphne yanked her hand off Eva’s, then I released her puppies and they ran after her.

“How’s she?” I asked Chase.

“The wound was deep, the nurses are stitching it.”

“Will she be able to act?” Eva asked with her brows furrowed in worry.

“If she’s awake I’m sure she can, she’s a strong woman,” Chase said.

We got to the school clinic and Trisha was unconscious with a nurse beside her.

“She’ll be awake soon,” the nurse said.

“The audition has started, will she make it?” Eva asked.

“Let’s pray she wakes up,” the nurse replied and left.

“Trisha you have to wake up,” Eva said shaking Trisha.

“That’s gonna hurt her,” I cautioned.

“Then she’ll wake up,” Eva said and continued shaking her.

Trisha slowly opened her eyes but immediately she saw me she shut them back and I looked away.

“What’s going on?” Chase and Eva asked.

To be continued…

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