I Can Kill For You

Like the deepness of the seas
I can feel your soul

Even if the whole world ceases
In your heart is my home

For in your soul, I see colours smearing atop another,
Your features so beautiful and you’re my lover

You make me cherish the memories of our past,
Too sad, the days ran fast.

You’re no longer with me,
And so I feel as though I’m a withered tree.

For in your soul I felt the true spirit of a woman,
It’s like we live inside each other, are we humans?

You’re my soulmate,
Yes I know I’m desperate.

I really need you to understand that I cherish you,
I can’t afford to leave you in the arms of fools.

They might love you,
But not like I do.

Please come back to me because your soul rhymes with mine,
I know we will be just fine.

No need to be scared,
I’m not dead.

I’m not dead to the vibe of loving you,
I need you to understand that this is true.

In your soul, I find peace,
Please reconsider me, everything should be at ease.

Tell Teresa that you’re done,
It’s like my feelings are not yet gone.

Throw her away,
But for me, please make a way.

I can slay David just to marry you.
For your matter, I fit find clues.

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