The Black Sheep

A funnel taking the shape of a beast
Molded in form of sculpture to form a cylinder beast
Covered with purities in dark form
A clinical absorption with no solvent of extraction
Extracting the base of the unseen beast

A dark eye in a random shape
Covered with transparent black
The black hole of the retina displayed unfailing
To fail out the failed bridges
Randomly selected with site of views
The express view of dark pupil is dilated
To the large ocean of the dark world
Floating like a decayed earth suite

The chrome of thickness contain elements that purify the seen and unseen dark metallic black sheep
An element filled with error to be seen by the dark Knight
Standing in the chariot of numerous knit Knight
To file the blunt chrome of nit metal

Standing in crowdy darky environs
Which can’t be seen by a yellow eye
So scary to think off because of is unseen Sharpe
Which I think is not known to anyone
In the mist of red beast with dark shape
The blue eye can’t view the dreadful shape
Decorated with dark fresh in dark form

So hairy in head at first to form shape
To be seen by mysterious lens
A sharp edge that cut the brass of the veil unseen darky environs
Even the circular area no shape take in shape to play the violin of four string
To be dissolved and see stream sheep of many waters
In a dark Knight of black particles with sheep of black colour

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