Ikpo Asi

How bitter the heart becomes
When it drinks from your cup.
You create enmity among souls and chaos between two brothers.
You are the desecrated river that flowed from the Atlantic tributary into our Niger-Benue banks,
Washing from our feet,
The virtues of love, unity and brotherhood.
We scream kill him! Kill him!
Just because he is not from our tribe.
You are the distilled water in our cans that has being locked,
We now carry it with finesse and grace.
You are the wine that father now sips from everyday that has left our once peaceful pit cocked and blocked.
You are the red oil that has left telltale signs and stains on our white flag,
The odour that has polluted our once fragrant atmosphere,
The rust on our once lubricated minds.
A visitor.
Who brings gifts of nepotism, tribalism and favouritism.
Unequally shared among Abdul, Gbenga and Igbokwe,
Distributed dishes of discord among them Wa, Zo and Bia.
Ị ga-abịa lawa,
Because Odenigbo, Kunle and Lawal,
Have gotten a new slate.

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