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The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 16)

Continued from the last part…

Rose, Danielle and some of their classmates followed the dean closely and were wondering why he suddenly called them. They got to the class and they were asked to all sit down, he faced the class with a frown.

“Everyone, Amelia is looking for her phone and the the thief wouldn’t be from any other class than your class. You all know that we don’t condone theft in this school, so you will all bring your bags forward for thorough checking,” he said.

Danielle and Rose looked at each other. “What game is she trying to play now?” Rose asked Danielle in a whisper and Danielle answered with an ‘I don’t know’ face’. Rose and Danielle sighed.

“There’s no need for you to check their bags. Anyone with a phone here?” she asked and a boy with glasses came out and handed his phone to her, she dialled her number, and surprisingly it rang in Danielle’s bag.

“Wha… what? How could this happen?” she asked Rose as she brought out Amelia’s phone from her bag, everyone looked at her.

“Sir,” Emma shouted from the rear, everyone’s attention was fixed on her. “I just found out now that I can’t find my phone too,” Emma said and Danielle was surprised at this.

“Emma, are you insinuating that I stole your phone too? Emma I thought you were my friend? Wow, this movie is very interesting,” Danielle said and clapped her hands.

“Like seriously, if I wanted to steal a phone it would be this? Your phone is nothing compared to mine, but I will accept what you just did. You know what Amelia? You can continue to bribe the dean all you want, but what would I do with this stinking phone?” she said and held Amelia’s phone as if it was filth.” Fine, fine, alright, you can do all you want with me, but I won’t be sorry or accountable for this,” she said, then she carried her bag and went to the front where the dean and Amelia were an dropped her bag. “If you also can’t find your phone, you can check my bag since I have been labeled as a thief,” she said and leaned on the wall. A short plump girl came out and also claimed to be looking for her phone, Danielle told her to check her bag and she checked it but didn’t find it.

The dean asked her to call her number and. she did but the phone rang in Amelia’s bag.

“What the hell? How did that phone get into my bag?” Amelia asked in a rage and Danielle smiled.

“It got into your bag the same way it got into mine,” Danielle said, the dean sighed and came forward.

“I think this is a set up by someone, it’s okay forget it. You can all go back to your seat,” the dean said.

“Excuse me sir, you are forgetting something here. The rule of this school is to suspend anyone guilty of theft from school for two months and should be punished with school cleaning for a week sir, so we are in,” Danielle said and smiled. “It’s no problem for me, I’m really good at doing those things. This isn’t the first time I’m being suspended from school, and it’s no problem for me to clean the school, but I wonder how my dear Amelia is going to do that. I mean, she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth anyway,” Danielle said and smirked at Amelia, Rose chuckled and Danielle looked at the girl and winked at her.

“Well it’s done, it’s the school’s rule anyway, you can begin today,” he said and left, Amelia was so enraged.

Ryan and Ian were just surprised at what was happening, but Rose didn’t look surprised anyway. Ryan went to meet Danielle.

“I don’t think there’s anything different between you and Amelia,” Ryan said and Danielle frowned at him.

“Don’t ever compare me with her. I’m just my innocent self, but when I’m being pushed I can be mean as well. And Ryan, you are even worse than Amelia, I just hate seeing you now,” she said and walked out of the class with tears sliding down her cheeks and Rose quickly followed her.

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