A Wish of Hate

I am angry at God
for he created night time
I am angry at Man
for he created the night demon
For my story of hate
started one night.

I am a girl child
A child born with love but grew with disgust
A child with eyes burning with the fire of hatred.
For these eyes wish to see this demon in the pool of his own blood
A wish of hate.

I am angry at nighttime
For it brings bedtime
A time the beast is awake
To commit the crime of despisicable nature
With a smile he covers me in the slime of his lust
Leaving me lost.

What is this disgust I feel?
What is this odium that has dimmed my eyes?
What is this abhorrence I harbor?

This feeling that pumps my blood faster
This feeling that intensifies my muscles
This feeling of murder
This feeling of intense dislike for you
The feeling of hate

For I became so religious so that I could pray and wish for you to burn in hell
All this is but a wish of hate.

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