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The Hidden Truth (Part 24)

Continued from the last part…

Ava’s POV

I came into the class the next day and I saw Ann; she was eating from her lunch box. She looked at me and smiled as I approached her.

“Morning sweetie,” I greeted. She smiled.

“What’s up? Come and join me,” she said, shifting her food to me.

I looked at it and shifted it back smiling. “I’ve eaten dearie, thanks. Is Morris not here?”

“Yeah, she came but was called by the principal. I think it’s for the competition.”

“Oh. Ann, you haven’t told me about yourself.”

“I’m eating Ava,” she responded quickly. I don’t know much about her, all I knew was that she was a friend to Morris.

Then Dave came in with his friends. My eyes met with his and my heart fluttered as he smiled at me. I returned the smile shyly and averted my eyes to Dennis. Dennis just waved as they all approached me.

“Hi babe,” Dave greeted. “How are you?”

“I’m cool. You?” I asked.

“I’m fine now that I’ve just seen your face this morning.”

I blushed. “Stop pulling my legs please,” I jokingly said. “Hi Dennis,” I greeted Dennis. He just gave me a cute smile. He’s very handsome just like Dave, but I think Dave is cuter than he is.

“I’m fine dear.” Ann was just looking, she didn’t utter a word. The other two boys, who I catch their names, went over to their seats. I then excused myself and went out. I rushed to store room where the drama outfits were kept and sat down. I just wanted to clear my head right now, I don’t know what has been happening to me, I lose control of myself whenever I’m with Dave. Could it be that Morris was right? No I don’t want to believe that. Then someone opened the door and came in. I was behind the sack at the end, so I hid myself. Then the person spoke up.

“Why can’t I get control over it, huh?” Was this not Dave’s voice? I listened more. “But I think she’s running away from me, because any time I want to talk to her, she always runs away from me. I just need her attention.”

Who’s he talking about?

“I love her very much,” he said.

“Love who? I asked blurted out. I closed my mouth immediately.

“Who’s there?” he inquired. He had caught me, there was no need hiding anymore. I just crept out of my hiding place and went to him. “Ava?” he asked in surprise.

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“What are you doing here?” we asked at the same time.

“I should be asking you that,” I told him and sat on top of one of the sacks. He came closer and sat down beside me. I shifted, giving a lot of space between us.

“Are you avoiding me?” he asked.

“Me? No… no. Why would I do that?” I asked him.

“Never mind,” he said.

“What were you saying?” I asked him. He smiled.

“When?” he replied.


“Yeah.” He stood up and held my hands. I looked at him, from his eyes, to his nose, to mouth and back to his eyes. I swallowed as I stared at him.

He touched my cheeks with both hands. “What… what are… you… doing?” I stammered.

“Seems I’m falling head over heels in love with you,” he said. I looked at him in confusion. He noticed and smiled. “I love you, that’s what I meant.”

“What? Impossible!” I shouted, then removed his hands and ran out immediately.

Morris’ POV

I came into the class and asked of Ava, I was told she wasn’t in. Earlier the game master requested that I should announce that the competition would begin tomorrow due to some changes in the schedule. That meant that we would be practising harder than before. Ava rushed inside the class panting. Everyone was so surprised to see her sweating. She rushed over to us and sat down trying to catch up her breath.

“Where were you?” I asked her in surprise.

“Jogging,” she replied.

“Jogging?” Ann and I asked simultaneously.

“Yeah, anything wrong?” she asked as she grabbed my hand fan. Dave came in immediately. I noticed that his eyes were fixed on Ava as he walked to his seat. Ava immediately averted her eyes. There was something going on between these two.

“Yeah. Ava, we are sleeping over today.” She looked up immediately.

“Why?” I asked.

“The competition will commence tomorrow.” She looked at Ann.

“What’s she doing?” she asked as Ann focused on her typing.

“She’s sending a message across to the team members.”

“Okay. I agree.” I smiled.

“See,” Ann said getting our attention. We all placed our eyes on the phone.

“We are third on the time table, after the high jumpers. That means we will play next week,” Ann said.

“That’s going to be tough. It’s fine. We all have to be more serious now.”

Gideon’s POV

Thank God Ava won’t going to be home today, I will not be scolded by her even if I come back home by 12am. I looked at my wrist watch, it was 10pm already. I rushed outside, and as I was walking down the lane, I noticed that I was the only one outside, I hope nothing happens to me. Then I saw a car approaching, and it was coming towards my direction. It stopped right beside me. The man sitting on the passenger’s seat brought out his head.

“Boy, is there any coffee shop here?” he asked.

How would he ask me if there was any coffee shop here? That meant that he wanted another thing. I didn’t have have time for all that and I resumed walking. Immediately someone closed my mouth with his hand and carried me up with the other hand. I struggled to free myself, but he was too strong. He carried me to the car and zoomed off.

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