This Is Not Home

This is not home
A place where the atmosphere is no more serene
Where the rattles of plate and pots mimick war sounds
Where the brooms and belt always fly around.

This is not home
A place where sadness has a room to herself
With her siblings, anger and bitterness
Depression, her cousin visits
And brings gift of frustration and aggression.

This is not home
A place where care hides in her shell and crawls away
Where the ‘L’ in love and laughter leaves for a holiday
Where understanding decides to stand under unity, because he can’t struggle with disunity.


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2 thoughts on “This Is Not Home

  1. It is truly not home without these trademarks…

    I noticed a lil error.
    Tense: Where Love and laughter left- it should be leaves Where understanding decided- it should be decides

    But it is remarkable ❤️❤️

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