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New Year Resolution

Sophia hurriedly swept her aunt’s room as she had two more rooms to sweep. She was alone with her aunt in the big house, who was in the kitchen cooking. The children had gone with their father to the village for the new year celebration.

As she was sweeping, she saw a piece of paper on the dressing table. Curiosity got the better part of her and she picked it up. It was her aunt’s new year resolution. She scanned through the content and came across the line where her aunt promised God to do away with wickedness and adorn the spirit of kindness.

Sophia was overjoyed. She had suffered for five years in the hands of her wicked aunt, who was willing to change. She rubbed her cheeks as she reminisced on the slapping spree her cheeks has been subjected to in the last few days. She withdrew her hand as pain shot into her sunken cheekbones, probably from the forceful contacts of numerous slaps with them.

“Sophia!” her aunt voice seemed to echo in her head. She hadn’t heard when she came in. She turned around to see her aunt advance towards her, her face contorted in anger. She stood there fidgeting, as the paper fell to the floor. “What are you doing with that paper?”

Before she could give her an answer, the room went dark. The power supply went out just in time. She couldn’t be thankful enough for that.

She hadn’t had time to plan her escape route when the lights came back on. The lights blinded her eyes. Her aunt’s fist came out of nowhere and crashed into her temple with a mighty force.

The room went dark.

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