The Request

I, a girl child lives with father
Loved by father
Yet, I wasn’t happy
For father was so sappy
This made me miss mother.

Mother gave me a bath
But left me a play bat
I wish I had a brother
This wish, a bother
Because mother sleeps in death.

I wished for a breast
Like the rest
For my mirror never lies
Thus my watery eyes
So I made a breast request.

This request I told father
He is a soldier
He would fulfill this request
It’s for my best interest
This would please me, his daughter.

I told my friends of my request
Father plans to go on a quest for my request
They all laughed
Saying, “what a jest.”

Like a priest
Father went on the quest
On a ship
With a sheep
To slay for my request.

But father never returned
I am troubled
This request I call lust
For it got father lost
I am doomed!

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