I Found My Story

Standing atop Ugwuabuo
Twin hill of Ofia-Onaga
Ageless carrier of our stories
Stories nearly taken from us
Songs we were never taught

Gracing its top
Hearing blissful wind,
whistling in our ears
Songs long forgotten
Songs that tell our stories

Nkworimma, the legendary warrior
Maraire, who defended these parts
Iwe, the great hunter and storyteller
Legends and deeds long forgotten
Legacies never passed down.

Beholding with our eyes,
the beauty of creation.
Most beautiful of vegetation
Painted green by nature.

Wandering down the hill
Startled animals panicking
Wild monkeys chattering
Trees dancing to the rhythm.

Wandering further down
Past the towering irokos
Behind endless palm trees
Squeezing through bamboos
to the long streak of water.
Birds whistling an unknown song
probably the ones long forgotten.

Taking a look across
Savouring the wild fruits
There I found love
Love for my heritage.
There, I found my muse
There, I found my story.

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