Changing the World

Who dares to say what men whose loins are heavy with power
dare not utter?

With our pens we vanquish the foes of our society;
releasing chained minds with the swords of defiance.

We write the history of truth and leave it to burn in the mausoleum of men’s heart.

In verses we chain our souls so that all men may forever be free.

In stanzas we protest societal ills; we are the symphony of change!

We make you cry, whilst we bleed ink
our hearts on the surface of papers.

In dirges, we teach the world to weep for the dead so that immortals may not reap the gratification of our miseries.

We are poets!
The commuters of change….

Aye! Aye!!
We are poets….
changing the world
one line at a time.

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