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The Confound (Episode Ten)

Continued from the last part…

When Rose got to her daughter’s school, she alighted from the car, said a quick ‘thank you’ and bade him farewell. But before she turned to go, Michael came down from the car, walked to Rose and said, “I know you are a married woman, Rose but permit me to say this: in all my years as a doctor, you seem to be the most beautiful woman I have ever come across . When I saw you this morning, I thought you have never had a child but now that you talk of a daughter, I concluded in my heart that you are wonderfully made! Your husband is the luckiest man on earth. Please keep it up, you look so smart and beautiful beyond description.”

By the time Michael finished his lines, Roseline was totally flattered. She couldn’t explain why this was happening to her, probably because she has been emotionally starved for a long time. She couldn’t find the right words to respond, she only smiled shyly as Michael went back to sit behind the wheels again. Before he started the car, he handed out his complimentary card to Rose.
“Please take this, you may need my medical attention anytime anyday, don’t hesitate to call. Take care angel.”

Roseline stood on the spot, staring at the vanishing figure of the Toyota car. Within her, she wished he hadn’t gone yet. She suddenly wished she wasn’t married yet, not to talk of marrying a cold husband like David. That feeling of loneliness came over her again. Then, she remembered why she was there, she sighed and quickly turned to enter her daughter’s school. She apologized to the teacher for coming late, while both mother and daughter headed for the hospital.

“Where are we going mom?” Debbie asked

“To see grandma, at the hospital sweetheart, she’s a bit ill,” she replied her daughter absent mindedly, her mind was still busy thinking about the encounter she had with Michael.

They finally got home around 08:45pm, leaving grandma with her house help to watch over her for the night, so they could prepare for the following day.

After they ate dinner and Debbie had gone to bed, Roseline laid on the bed she shared with her husband. The devil started working on her mind. It had been a while her husband made love to her, she somehow felt the coldness that night.

Her thoughts went back to Michael, there was just something about the guy that aroused her feelings so much. It was not as if he was more handsome than her husband anyway, but what turns a woman on goes beyond mere good looks. Michael has those words that would make a woman stick to him.

His wife must be very lucky, Rose thought then paused in her thoughts. But wait, I didn’t even notice if he had a ring on his finger. Could it be that he isn’t married yet?
Her phone rang, jolting her from her thoughts, it was her husband. She checked out the caller and hissed.

“He’s just calling back since morning. It’s already 10:15pm, is that what a good husband should do?” The phone kept ringing. She refused to pick the calls, hissing again and again, but because of her husband’s persistence, she finally picked up.

She sounded so cold and harsh. “Is this when you should be calling eh? Since morning, you didn’t bother to check on us, is the meeting that tough and has it just ended?” She went on and on.

David removed his phone from his ear to check the number he dialled again, it was his wife of course. What happened to this woman? he thought, then spoke to her
“I am sorry Rose, I had a very busy day and besides, if I didn’t call, you should have at least called too.” He didn’t know he just added petrol to fire.

“Oh? I should do the calling, then you’d start cutting the calls that you are in a meeting or in the midst of a crucial discussion, I don’t have time for all that.”

“Roseline! Are you sure you are alright?”

“Definitely, do I sound like I am sick? And that reminds me, grandma had an accident today and she’s been hospitalized, though she’s getting better.”

“Jesus!” David exclaimed, “I am so sorry about that, please let me know when you are with her so I can speak with her.”

“No problem, I have to sleep now,” Rose replied, still sounding cold.

“Alright,” David replied, “sleep well but I also wanted to tell you that I won’t be back till four days from now, I want to check on one of my clients at Benin before coming back to Lagos—”

His wife’s voice interrupted him. “If you like, stay there forever, it’s not like I need you anyway, I’m used to the loneliness.”

“Roseline! What is wrong with you tonight? God forbid that I stay forever, what kind of statement is that? I reject it in Jesus’ name.”

“Whatever,” Rose muttered and disengaged the call, switching off her phone immediately.

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