Pains of Hadiza (Episode Fourteen)

Continued from the last part…

Barrister Kelvin left after handing over the documents of my late brother’s company to me. Running my own company and that of my brother won’t be easy for me, but I have to do it since he has no other person to help him run it.

Writer’s POV

Hajiya Aisha was married to Alhaji Sadiq and they had three children, all boys. Abubakar was the first child; he was very handsome and hardworking. He was the sweetest amongst his siblings because he had a heart of gold, and he was very generous and kind to people. He was running his masters degree in the University of New South Wales, Australia.

Sani was the second and the brightest among his brothers, but he was very arrogant and self-centered. He never cared about how others felt, all he was always concerned about was how he felt. He was a second year student of the prestigious University of Kano studying Architecture.

The last child was Sadiq, he was named after his father. Sadiq was a complete photocopy of his mother in all areas, both in physical appearance and in character. He was very rude and wicked, he had no single human sympathy. He was four years older than Hadiza and still in high school.

Hadiza happened to live with them when these two tigers were on break. Sani didn’t even look at her because he said he didn’t have time for trash, but the last child, he hated her so much for no reason and always bullied her. He would beat her, insult and shout on her even if she did nothing wrong to him.

Being a girl and only twelve, Hadiza was powerless and couldn’t retaliate, all she would do was to cry her eyes out anytime the duo bullied her. She dared not report them to their mother because the last time she did, instead of her to caution and scold them, she pounced on her and gave her another round of beating. Then she insulted and told her that she deserved it for being the daughter of the woman that killed her brother.

While her kids were studying in good and expensive schools, Hadiza was enrolled into a public secondary school. She would be the first person to wake up early every morning to do the house chores and she would still be the last to leave the house. After the morning stress she passed through every morning due to the house chores she do, she would still trek down to school.

School had resumed, and Sani had gone back to school. He had an apartment close to the school, while Sadiq just finished writing his West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and would be home till he gained admission into the university.

One Sunday afternoon, Hadiza was seen outside washing a heap of clothes under the hot and burning sun all alone. Most of the clothes were jean trousers owned by Sadiq and some thick duvet. She was supposed to be using the washing machine to wash the lighter clothes but she was banned from using it since she stepped into the house. They had a woman that was hired to wash their clothes every weekend which she had been doing but, since Hadiza stepped into the house, the woman was stopped from coming, turning the little girl into their washing machine.

Hadiza was naturally hardworking but the work was was too much for a little kid of just twelve. Her aunt had given her the heap of clothes to wash before going out.

How on earth would she be able to to wash Sadiq’s jean trousers and her aunt’s duvets with her little fragile fingers? she wondered.

She kept on washing and cleaning her sweat at interval with one of the yet unwashed bedsheets. Soon, tears started dropping from her eyes as she remembered her parents and the happy life she was living before death took them away from her. Her mind flashed back to the advice her father had given her before he died.

“In life, you must have to face challenges and problems that even money cannot solve some of them. So many obstacles will try to block your way but always remember this: stay strong and do not succumb to defeat. Always pray to Allah to give you the strength and patience to overcome every challenges that comes your way.”

“But dad, how can I overcome this kind of challenge that I’m facing? I’m trapped in this pain and anguish, I can’t endure this because I think I’m dying slowly. Please mom, please dad, take me with you, I’m tired and I miss you very much. All my dreams was to be in the hands of my parents but here I am in the hands of my aunt who never liked me, what did I do to deserve this cruelty?” She kept on weeping seriously when she got interrupted by a voice from inside.

“Big head! Big head!” Sadiq shouted from inside, calling her. ‘Big head’ was the name he gave her since she started living with them. Even in the presence of his mother, he called her that, but the mom didn’t say anything, instead she joined her son in calling her Big Head.

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