My First Love (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

“I had never been there and so I disagreed. Few minutes later, he arrived at my location. He told me about how nice, comfortable and cool the hotel was. I wasn’t enticed and so I told him I was heading to church few minutes from then. This was the first time he came up with an idea of seeing in an hotel. Abruptly, Charles pulled me to himself. ‘You are hurting me, let go off me,’ I yelped.

” ‘I will do more to you if you don’t keep calm and go with me.’

“I had never seen him so fierce. And so, I got scared. Nevertheless, I struggled while he tried to pull me into his car. Suddenly, I felt an object like a knife penetrate my tummy. I screamed in pain.

“Shortly, a tricycle dashed towards us. Charles left me and ran away. The man tried chasing him but came back to my rescue.

” ‘Please, save me,’ I managed to say. Then, I passed out, only to wake up hospitalized,” I finalized.

“Uhmm…” Dad muttered.

“I’m so sorry that I lied to you, Dad. I’m so sorry,” I said, kneeling close to him.

“It’s okay my dear. Get up,” mum and dad chorused.


On a beautiful Monday morning, dad and I went to the police station to file a case against Charles. It was indeed a big deal tracking him down, but fortunately, he was caught. He confessed to have taken drugs and was ignorant of what he did to me.

“When I realized I stabbed Rejoice, I saw her eyes go blank and her body almost lifeless. I felt she wouldn’t survive it and as such, I had to abscond,” said Charles to the police officers. He was taken to court, and was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced ten years imprisonment.

Weeks later, dad received a call from the police station and he was told about Charles’ recent confession. As narrated, Charles had wanted to use me for money ritual. He was heavily in debt and was faced with the threat of having his with properties taken by the creditors. His friend suggested the business and assured him that it was the easiest way to get hold of cash quickly. Finally, Charles’ friend was arrested as well and sentenced twenty years of imprisonment.

Despite everything, I lived a peaceful and comfortable life after the experience. Sometimes though, I get lost in thoughts.

“Is this what first love, and first kiss entailed?” I questioned.

Sometimes, boyfriends are not so crucial to a girl’s life. They can love this minute and give hate the next minute. Anything goes for their satisfaction. I wish I would learn to love again.

“My first love experience was terrible. I thought love was said to be kind, caring and all. These are indeed evil days and we’re living in an evil world,” I concluded.


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