An Untold Story

There’s all sorts of stories.
Happy ones.
Sad ones.
Horrible ones.

Mine is a known story never told.
A sun that rose from the west.
A short-necked girrafe.
A man with two left legs.
An unusual phenomenon.

A bird heard my story—
and stopped singing.
A little boy heard my story—
and stopped sleeping.
A genius heard my story—
and it made his day.
A professor read my story—
and formed a new theorem.

When God wrote my story,
he was thinking outside the box.
He scribbled it in his diary as a rough work,
to be edited later.
And then he stood back and looked.
It was beautiful and chaotic.
He decided not to change a thing.
And then he published it.

As my story unfolds,
with twists and turns like a curvy road,
with cuts and bruises like a boxer,
and with the elegance of a ballerina,
one thing is for certain.
There’s nothing ordinary about it.

To be continued…

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