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The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 15)

Continued from the last part…

Rose and Danielle got to school early the second day, everyone looked at them. Some were surprised at what they were seeing. Rose and Danielle went to school in the same
car, they both packed their hair in ponytails and wore the same shoes.

“How come that scholarship girl became Rose’s friend so quickly? They even came to school in the same car. Almost everything they wore is the same thing,” a girl whispered.

“Oh my goodness, look at that wristwatch, it’s the latest one, that girl is so lucky to be Rose’s best friend, she is not a type that keeps friends,” one of the students whispered back softly

“If only they knew,” Rose said and Danielle smiled.

“If only they knew that we are twins, they won’t say we are friends,” Danielle also said.

“But Rose, why don’t you have friends?” she asked Rose.

“Ever since the incident with Amelia occurred, I’ve always shunned making friends, so twinnie don’t keep your hopes high on your friends,” Rose said and Danielle nodded, they held hands and went into the class.

As they got into their class all eyes were fixed on them.

“Rose, wow you look so beautiful I must say. Hey you, why are you wearing the same thing Rose is wearing?” Lillian, a member of the Lilies said and Rose frowned at her.

“Stop that or else…” Rose said and Danielle knocked her head a little, she pouted like a baby and a tear slid from her eye.

“Oh no my head, I must tell mommy. Where is my phone?” Rose said and Danielle went to her seat.

“It seems you have forgotten so quickly, your phone is with me. I told you not to forget things so easily sis, now you can call mom without your phone,” Danielle said bringing out Rose’s phone and her phone at the same time.

“They are even using the same phone? Wow,” some of their classmates commented.

“Don’t worry sis , I will give you a hell of a hard time today, it’s better if you don’t sleep with me,” Rose said and they all looked surprised.

Amelia looked at rose and hissed. “She came to school just to show off to us that her mother is rich, so she bought the fake of that watch for her and her stupid friend to trick us in school. Rose I’m not gullible okay? “You can’t fool us here,” Amelia said and scoffed

Rose wanted to talk but Danielle signalled her not to. Danielle went to meet her and held her shoulders and they were both walking to their seats.

“You know what sister? It is not right to always give answers to what a fool says and I don’t want to give them that satisfaction. So just leave them and let’s continue to our seats,” Danielle said and winked at her, Rose laughed heartily and Amelia was so pained and she frowned her face.

Danielle looked at her and smiled a little, she wanted to laugh but she held it in, all this while she didn’t know that Ryan was at the entrance of their class.

“Amelia dear, it’s not good for someone with a pretty face like you to frown so much, you might eventually look old at such a young age,” Danielle said sitting down and almost
all the class burst into laughter.

Amelia looked so hurt with those words, but she calmed herself and smirked, she stood up and her two dogs (or let’s say friends) followed her and they got to the door and saw Ryan.

“Wow, so you are here, you heard everything she said, right? Now you see that there’s no difference between us. She just looks calm but she is more wicked than me,” Amelia said, she pecked Ryan and left with her followers.

Danielle got angry at this, she just hissed and turned to the left, Rose smiled broadly.

“Childish sis,” she said and brought out a book. Ryan walked up to them and greeted them. Rose answered but Danielle didn’t, he scoffed and went to his seat.

“Ryan, you didn’t even apologize for what you did. You kept me waiting for you, only to find you kissing some bitch in the class. Yet you can’t apologise? Do you know how much what you did hurt me? I lost someone… never mind,” she said and a tear streamed down her right eye.

Ryan was touched by what she said, he wanted to just go on his knees and plead with her and tell her that he was sorry.

You can’t do that Ryan? You are done with her, just find another prey, a voice said in his head

Why will I tell her that I’m sorry? Every girl is the same. They didn’t deserve love, especially from me, he thought

“Why should I apologise to you? You aren’t even innocent like I thought. You might not be different from Amelia,” he said and Rose looked at him and frowned.

“Don’t say that again Ryan, don’t talk to my sister like that ever again. What the hell is wrong with you, huh? You are comparing my sister to that bitch of a girl?” Rose said bitterly.

“Did I hear you well? Sister?” Ryan asked.

“Yes, she is my sister. Not just a sister but my twin sister,” Rose said and Ryan scoffed. Ian walked into the class and smiled from afar,. looking at the two sisters that looked like the typical small kid twins.

“You guys look cool together. I also want to have a twin brother,” Ian said dreamily and Rose laughed, Danielle just frowned.

“What’s up with the attitude Dani? You should happy, right? You are with your twin,” Ian said and tickled Danielle, she laughed. Ryan eyed them jealously and he got angry.

“So you also knew?” Ryan asked and Ian nodded. “So I’m the only one left behind?” Ryan said and scoffed loudly.

“You don’t deserve to know,” Danielle said. They heard the bell ring, Rose and Danielle quickly stood up and left the class, Ryan and Ian traced their steps sluggishly behind.

They got to the hall and the Dean quickly announced to them that the basketball competition had been pushed forward and was scheduled for the next two months, and the two cheerleading groups were to start their practice. The group that won in the school competition would be the main cheerleading group for the competition.

“That corrupt Dean, I wonder how he will make Amelia win this time,” Rose said and Danielle nodded.

“Let’s go to the practicing room, I need to introduce you to them,” Rose said and they both ran to their training base. Amelia just looked at them and smirked from where she was.

“I will still be the winner, you are no match for me,” she said and laughed.

Lilies’ Training Base

Everyone was already assembled, and was waiting for Rose to come. She came in with Danielle and stood in front of them.

“Hi everyone, I want to introduce you all to my twin sister, Danielle Delvare. You might all know her as just a classmate, but now she is part of us, and most importantly my twin. So please welcome her to the group,” she said and everyone took turn in hugging Danielle.

They were already practicing when the Dean entered with Amelia and other students

“All of you stop right now, all Amelia’s classmates should follow me,” he said and left, Danielle and Rose looked puzzled.

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