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The Hidden Truth (Part 23)

Continued from the last part…

Kate’s POV

I sat down as I watched my husband eat. He wasn’t talking nor looking at me. For the past few days, he has not been caring as he used to be. He has been alone, sometimes he hardly stayed at home. It was by accident that I was even watching him eat. Clara caused all this. Why are you destroying my marriage? Yeah you lost him to me, but it was by your carelessness and not my fault. I was so angry as the thought of losing john came to my head. I left the dining immediately to my room. I sat down on my bed as I folded my hands together in frustration.

Yeah, since Clara has forgotten who I am so many years ago, I will make her remember why she shouldn’t mess with me. I lay down on my bed facing the ceiling as I thought of how I dealt with Clara then.


I rushed home to Clara’s apartment after the incident that occurred earlier. It was a bungalow which John rented for her. I heard screams as I wanted to knock, but I couldn’t do it. I was afraid of Clara right now. Yeah it’s Clara, she was furious right. I decided to look through the windows to know what she was doing. I peeped through the window, I could see Clara on the cushion in the sitting room, bags were scattered on the floor. Her hands were on her tummy as she cried. What was wrong with her tummy? Is it paining her?

“I was planning to let you know about our baby on our wedding day. But you used me, slept with my friend and even went ahead and impregnated her. John I’m leaving, you will not know about this baby, I’m leaving for good.”

“What? She’s pregnant for John? I have to act fast or I lose everything,” I whispered to myself and left.

Later that day, I called my boyfriend Wilfred, asking him to meet me. He later came and I told him to eliminate Clara and her unborn baby. He advised to leave Clara and kill her baby whenever she gave birth.


If I spared you then, I won’t spare you this time. I’m gonna wipe off everything that belongs to you. I bet you Clara, you are going to suffer, I will make sure of that.

Mr. Johnson’s POV

I sat down on my car, ready to leave the compound to the company. My life has never been the same since she left. I remember how we loved each other. Why did you leave?


I rushed to Clara’s home after being told that I was responsible for Kate’s pregnancy. I saw the pictures too. I never denied the pregnancy because that day I saw Kate at the bar, I was in a drunken state so I don’t really know what happened. All I knew after that was that I saw myself in my boxers the next day and Kate sleeping beside me, I was going to tell Clara but my mom already told her everything.

I rushed to her apartment and couldn’t see her, I asked a neighbor and was told she packed out. I looked for her, searched everywhere for her but couldn’t find her. I was later forced to get married to Kate because she was with my child.


I left you, but I won’t anymore, I’m going to get you and I promise you .

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