The Christian’s Christ

Today the story of a crystal
called Christ is told to christains.
One who sacrificed himself
to save mankind here on Earth.
This Christ the Muslim call
Muhammad but hate the Christians
who call Jesus Christ.

Today a child is born.
Filthy by birth from the sins of earth,
but christened to know Christ.
One who fought his battles and
said it is finished on earth.

Today I found my faith in Christ.
One who washed my garment
filled with dirt and received me
with arms as a firth.
For he holds his children together
with a girth of Love.

Today, I found my worth in Christ
as a Christian in Christianity.
One who the Orthodox acknowledge on Christmas. One my household call the wirth.

Today, I know a Christ of the
Christain Religion in the
North region where legion of
Christians worship in Perth.

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