Tale of Beings

Let me tell you a tale
A tale among tales
A history of vast cultures

It started differently
But with similarities
A tale of African religion
Starts with tales of the beginning
Beginning of life

The beginning of its beginning
Empty darkness and formless void
Beings coming upon the darkness
And birthed wonders
A wonder called humanity

This wonder needed a being
Africa needed an origin
Its form raw, undiluted and without taint
Religion came to be

It was shown the origin
Became Africa’s guide.
Our ancestors worshipped the religion
It was far knowledgeable than them.
Tales speak of its terror
A representative was assigned.
The priest
Our ancestors called them

White clothes and chalks
Unknown language and endless sacrifice
This was Africa’s religion

Africa grew so did its religion
Even the little anthills
Worshipped a Being
Colorful fiesta called festivals.
With our ancestors in submission

“Mama no in days”
We have offended the gods
Mama’s reply
The gong sound
The drum was beaten
It is time to cleanse the heathen
The order of the Being
They say it was
This was religion

It forced kings into obedience
Warriors it made cowards or brave men
Its powers were mystical and we believed
African religion is power
My short tale can’t embroaden
But then they came.
A man on a stick
Dead but alive
That became Africa’s religion.

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