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My First Love (Episode Two)

Continued from the last part…

Excitedly, mum called Aunty Nkechi. She told her I was up and fine. “Please pass on the news to Papa and my son, James,” mum said. She turned to me and said she would leave so to get me food.

“Was mum aware that I had left this world? What story of what happened to me would I tell? Will Daddy lock Charles behind bars?” I soliloquized.

It was three minutes to eight. Early in the morning, Daddy had come to take me home. It’s been really boring in the hospital ward. Thirty-eight minutes later, we arrived home. Everyone, including his cousins were elated at seeing him. They waved and I did smile at them like a Cheshire Cat.

We were all seated at the dinning room. Little James said the prayers and the eating began. Spoons clinked on the ceramic plates while we ate. I noticed mum stare at me every now and then. She seemed to be curious about a lot of things. I made up my mind to say nothing but the truth should I say anything to them about the incident.


We had our supper earlier than the usual time. I was certain mum wanted to make sure I was feeding well and recuperating quickly. James and Mabel sat on the couch adjacent to the little dining room. They were studying. Mum and dad ate pop corn while they saw a Zeeworld movie.

I cleared my throat and stated, “Daddy, mummy, I’m so sorry for the pains I caused you both. Actually, I have learnt my lessons and—”

Mum interrupted, “My dear, I’m glad you realized a lot out of the whole thing that happened, but please tell your parents what happened to you on Tuesday.”

“I left the hostel on Tuesday back home because Charles my boyfriend said he wanted to see me. That evening, I told dad that I was going to visit Favour so we both would attend the youth weekend rehearsals. My plan was to meet with Charles shortly, then head to Favour’s. I arrived at Macaulay Street by Uzuakoli road. Quickly, I called Charles. Told him my present location. He insisted that I meet him in a hotel called De Place.

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