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Keeping Up With Trisha (Episode Seventeen)

Continued from the last part…

Davis’ POV

I headed for Trisha’s room to send Chase away. I was so angry.

Chase was laughing with my housemate—what about me?

Trisha was having fun with my bestfriend—what about me?

I got to her door and held my folded fist mid air.

Should I knock? I thought for a while. It wasn’t even my business if they’re happy. I turned back and entered my room. I dropped on the bed and used a pillow to cover my ears to block out their laughter. But it penetrated nonetheless. Then I got up and walked to my mini bar and took a bottle of vodka with a glass cup and sat down.

“Just one cup will get their lousy laughter out of my head,” I said to myself and filled my cup with the drink. I gulped it down and Trisha’s giggles came in, followed by sounds from a guitar, then Chase’s voice as he sang:

She’s pretty in red but
nothing never fits in right
she’s smiling driving me so insane
I’m losing my mind
and I just can’t tell why…

I gulped down another cup. Then Trisha sang:

That guy in the T-shirt
and worn out jeans
I’m going insane
can’t tell him that everytime
I see him I feel butterflies in
my stomach and all I know…

I took another cup then they both sang:

Coming with the rain
coming with the sunshine
feel it in my head
hear my heart just beating fast
if I should just say this
I love that girl in red
love that guy in the T-shirt…

I gulped down another cup and I grew went tipsy as I poured out another cup.

“That was awesome! We’ll sing it at the Movie Night,” Chase said, keeping the guitar.

“I can’t believe we composed that now.” Trisha giggled

Must she always giggle? She never does that when she’s with me. What’s so special about Chase?

I gulped down the last cup and the bottle went empty.

“One more bottle.” I belched then took another bottle of vodka from the mini bar

I’m an old grandpa
that they never seem to notice,
the kids play around
and the sun shines on my aging skin...” I sang as I gulped down more cups and the second bottle went empty.

It worked, I’m no longer hearing their voices, all I hear are the voices of a boy and a girl chatting and giggling, I wonder where Trisha and Chase went, I thought as I started drinking the third bottle.

I heard Trisha’s room’s door open and closed

The boy and the girl are out, what were they doing in Trisha’s room?

I got up and left my room to see them. A girl that looked like Trisha and a boy that looked like Chase were leaving the house.

“Take care of yourself Trisha,” the boy said and stood outside while the girl stood inside holding the door.

Did he just call her Trisha? That means… they ate Trisha.

“You too Chase,” the girl grinned.

They also ate Chase.

The boy proceeded to leave then prompted, “My love swear that you will take a cup of tea and take a long sleep.”

“I don’t know any quote from Romeo and Juliet,” the girl said with a smile.

Oh! Their names are Romeo and Juliet.

“You don’t have to. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” She shut the door.

Wasn’t she leaving? After eating Trisha and Chase, she wasn’t leaving, or does she wants to eat me too?

I ran down the stairs to meet her.

“Hey! I’m Da—”

“Da what?”

“Okay, Davis, who are you?” I asked her and she stared at me like I had two heads.

Wait! Everyone has two heads, silly me. She stared at me like I had one head.

“You must be Juliet, where are Trisha and Chase? You and Romeo ate them right?” I shook her violently. “Answer me.”

“Cut it out Davis, you stink, have you been drinking?”

“Drinking? I swear I’ve been studying”

“Davis you’re drunk.”

“You know my name? Who told you?”

“Davis it’s me Trisha.”

“You’re Trisha?”


“Lemme see.” I touched her face, then down to her arms as my hands went to her stomach.

“Your waist is smaller,” I said.

“Hey! Davis.”

“And your butt is soft,” I said and she slapped the alcohol from my eyes.

“Gosh! Trisha you slapped me.”

“It’s a good thing you got back your senses ,’cause I was about sending you to karate class” she fired, then walked past me and sat down with her legs crossed.

“You were having fun with him?”

“Of course I was.”

“You enjoyed his company?”

“Of course I did.”

I belched and felt tipsy again. “What about me?” I asked.

“What about you?” Trisha asked back.

“I act better than him.”

“I don’t care.”

“I sing better than him.”

“I still don’t care.”

“Listen to me sing.”

“I don’t want to.”

I’m an old grandpa
that they never seem to notice,
the kids play around
and the sun shines on my aging skin...” I sang and she burst into laughter.

“You’re dead drunk.”

“I’m not.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Go on.”

“Why do you live alone?”

“Because I live alone.”

“That’s not the reason,” she half-yelled, then face-palmed herself.

“What’s a reason?”

“Now listen,” she said then moved closer and sat beside me.

“Don’t move,” I said, and she froze.

“What’s it?”

I slowly leaned forward and kissed her.

Read Part Eighteen.

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