Don’t Reveal This

Behind the girl who gives motivational speeches on media space is a child crying to be loved.

Behind the woman who gives beauty tips to every insecure female in the world is an obnoxiously ugly spirit.

Behind the mother who gives her daughter pep talks on abstinence is a frolicking whore.

Behind the pastor’s wife who instructs on faithfulness in marriage is a lady who beds the assistant pastor.

Behind the woman who publishes a book on “Top Ten Bladadas To Finally Having It All” is a woman who gives a man a hand-job to feel validated.

Behind the lady who clings to gospel music with her sonorous voice is a lady beaten daily with the rush broom of a damning past; sinking daily in the thoughts of unacceptable by the Supreme Being.

Behind a smiling and submissive woman who walks with an aura of accomplishment and happy home is a lady who receives battery like prescriptions.

Behind a religious man who mounts the platform of grace, dispersing the truth is a man hiding an erection at the sight of a given angelic member.

Behind the imam who preaches on the dangers of evil sightings is a man who gratifies porn to ease himself to sleep.

Behind a man who demands loyalty from his wife is a man who sees diverse shapes of ducts everyday.

Behind these provocative words is a scared girl… so please don’t reveal these!

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