The Muslims hate the Christians,
The Christians hate the Muslims,
The Catholics think the Anglicans are not serious,
The Anglicans think the Catholics are obsolete.

The Hindus believe that God is a lady with six hands,
The Jews like to throw stones and hit their heads on walls,
The Buddhists think that God is fat,
And the Atheists laugh at them all.

These are Africans.
They all believe that God is one.
But they each have their own version.
And they think every other one is wrong.

What have you done?
You all claim to know the one true God,
To know his mind,
To act in his name,
And to be his instrument on earth.
How dare you?

Why is it so hard for you all
to just live, love and let live?
Instead, you all think
that every other religion is going to hell.

What if you’re all wrong?

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