In great excitement I sailed to find a new home
An excitement that succeeds pain
For devourers had wolfed my mother.

Silver and gold hadn’t I, to travel far and wide to distant lands
So I thought low and high
And called my brother’s my home.

I came with the white flag of peace
Unbeknownst to me I sailed into a Parliament of vultures
Now I hide in fear of the vultures who have given inhumanity a face.

I see compatriots falling,
I see them running
My country men roasted in the streets
And the wolves who still devour my mother sits and watch.

My brothers at home retaliates
Burning down buildings to express their pain
But the wolves sends zombies to kills its subjects.

Oh! Where is the Lion that shook Africa?
The Lion who ruled with an iron fist.
In who can he live in?
For the eyes of magnanimous men have being plucked out by vultures.

I hear the cries of mother calling for me to return
Greener pastures ain’t worth your life she says.

Now I set sail to return home
A home where wolves are leaders and lions, slaves.

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