Why Xeno?

My eyes are as heavy as a drum of water, my heart as heavy as a sack of sand.
Why hit me so hard, because I work so hard?
I am a diaspora, doesn’t make me disastrous
Why kill me to become a king?
I am black skinned just like you.
Why swim in the pool of my blood?
I was once your savior, now you devour me
Why hit my balls with a ball because I play so well?
I am a descendant of your ancestors, the same you worship.
Why fear me?
I am your brother from another mother.
Why murder me?
I am the light that showed you the way out of darkness.
Why send me to the Dark World?
I am the track that helped you trace your soil.
Why trap me to the soil?
Why Xeno? Didn’t they tell you all these? Or you choose to forget?

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