Red Stain

Oh mother Africa!
The stars you crowned
your gigantic son have
just been mauled in the home of
the southern region of your own land.

They dined with the sociopath spirit.
Waking up to eliminate
their same flesh.

In the arms of your
color-blinded son,
Half a dozen of your offsprings were
laid low in doom.

The blood of Cain
dripped into their hearts.
Annihilating your bountiful harvest
with their fierce weapons.

For the green-white branch
of your unity tree have
been stained with red tears.
Withering into the depths of
unforgiving soil.
A journey of no return.

Alas! The white region stares and laughs
at such apathy feasting in your land.

Oh, Mother! Why did thou beget such
a mischievous child?
For the blood of the
psychopaths now runs
in his vein.

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