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No Xenophobia

I don’t know, what is it with people and not minding their business or hating on others? What exactly do they feel should be the best way of life? There’s actually no best way towards life. Let’s face it, majority of us have problems believing in some certain things; some of us have strong beliefs in Christianity, others believe in Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. We actually don’t know who’s serving the real God, hell we don’t even know if there’s actually a real God.

The only thing we are sure of is that that person sitting next to us right now is human as much as we are, but we choose to look at them with hate. We grew up hearing no man is an island, that’s not a lie. Even animals work as teams; some of them aren’t even alike. We know wolves hunt in packs, we know some other animals work together to get water and food. But do you know the honey badger (a ferocious animal) and the honey guide (a bird that tweets), work together to get honey? The bird finds the honey, the honey badger gets the honey and they eat. Because of that, they are generally unstoppable; they use their different skills to get food. Also we know the rhinos are mostly blind, so they have an oxpecker on top of them. This animal warns the rhino of dangers, he also eats those termites and lice on the rhino’s body. So basically, the rhino provides food for the oxpecker and the oxpecker gives direction and warns them of danger. These four animals discussed, show the obvious symbiotic relationship they share even with their differences.

However, bring a black and a white and you see racism, bring a Christian and a Muslim, they hate each other, bring the South Africans together with the Nigerians and you’ll hearing xenophobia. What the hell is that? Before tribe, religion, sex and race came into play, we were humans first; we’ll always be humans, so why hate on the man or woman sitting next to you? Let’s love ourselves, if the animals can do it, why can’t we, aren’t we more advanced?

Say no to xenophobia.

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