Black or Blank

I had a dream
A dream of a ‘Green Africa’
A dream of a turning point to greatness
A dream too good off reality
A dream I never told a brother
Because the fiend called ‘Xenophobe’ took him away
Hate encrypted in the wrath of their bullets
How I wish it was blank and they were not blacks

His voice echoed from the chaos of his murder
Mother was 82
Father died for the sake of ‘peace’
We immigrated in 1994
Home or away didn’t matter to him
His last words were “For One Africa”

How did we get contracted with the disease?
The disease called ‘Xenophobia’
Is this the ‘born-free generation’?
We were once brothers
Their country was home to my family
Now grave for my brother
We are not strangers!
I am Black

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