Between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean,
lies the hopeless wish of a people
clandestine in greed and self.
A people of the oppressed race
yet tearing one another in disgrace.

These people wish to be free from the cold grip of the colonists.
Independence came at all cost
but daily they live in regretful lost;
blaming one another with red fists.

Claiming they have a common ancestry;
“the black heritage mystery”
but brothers ending brothers.
And the streets wailed,
the highway became pale because lives came to an abrupt end.

And hate arose from many hearts;
from the celebrated stars
to those with obliterated scars.
No one cared for downtrodden
as incivility became sudden.

Then violence was christened
with names so trendy:
for those who use violence to obtain political demands they are called terrorists,
for those who use extreme violence on people they dislike from other country they will be called xenophobeasts
and those who use violence to have sex they are called rapists.
And they all shared a common enemy, the racist.

It is a pleasure for the rest of the world to exploit this people;
to pit them against themselves,
to suck their riches dry until they are left with nothing,
yet they’re bothered only by a brother trying to do better.

Africans became callous to fellow Africans;
because of daily bread finding,
and stuff that mattered little, leaving the python to consume her eggs.
And her heads are busy gallivanting making speeches in conferences and media.

These people seemed to be cursed;
they see their problems,
they know their problems,
they feel their problems,
yet they claimed to be handicapped.

And here we are celebrating peace and unity while souls face daily decimation;
the destruction of the black formation.
What do we need to change this?
Is it education?
or financial liberation?
What we need is a healthy mind
but who can heal our minds?

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