Africa, Mother to All and Mother to None

As she sits silently on her crooked chair
Watching her children
Laugh with hidden knives
Without uttering a word
She let them…
She let them get used to threatening each other
She let them get used to healing from their long lasting fight.
Tell me
Which mother would do that to her children?

Last night, few hours before dawn
A loud cry was heard
She didn’t move an inch
One of her child stabbed the other on the eyes
She didn’t move
She just sat and watched.

Last night, the other revenged by signing his signature on the back of the other.
She never said a word
She just sipped her coffee as though nothing happened

I wonder when will she call them to other
When will she arise and use the rod
I wonder when will Africa act like a mother
I wonder when she get rid of her unfaithfulness.

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