The Promised Earth

We were three little angel’s living in Heaven. We ate heavenly meals, promised by Papa to visit earth someday. One day, Papa heard a heart’s cry from earth.

Papa called on us saying,
“Little angels, I am sending you to earth. Answers to a heart’s cry.”

Like lancers, we went on the journey to earth on a boat on bloody oceans. Ocean of strange bodies binding us together like black root. Grinding our tooth together. This ocean we swam through to a Blue Sea. Still “binded.” Then came nine beautiful rainbow colors calling on us to see the dry land called earth.

Weirdly we began to unbind, hearing furious sound as we unbind in turns. I, the last in turn to unbind suddenly felt faint, the rainbows fading away, those furious sounds, I heard no more.

Suddenly, I heard Papa’s voice from heaven saying, “Come home little angel” as I fell asleep to awaken in my heavenly home.

“I saw the promised earth but never stepped on it,” I said to myself.

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