Pains of Hadiza (Episode Thirteen)

Continued from the last part…

Writer’s POV

There was sadness as three people were laid to rest same day. Yes, three people—Mr Ahmed, Mrs Ahmed and Ahmed’s father. He collapsed and died immediately the bad news was announced to him. He was a victim of high blood pressure before then, adding such news to his state of health brought him to his grave.

The news was hidden from Hadiza but how long could they hide it as she kept on asking why her parents were not yet back from their trip? Few days later, they had to tell her that her parents were gone. Being just twelve, she knew less about what death really meant, but all she knew was that she won’t be able to ever see her parent again. She cried her eyes out, calling her mother’s and her father’s name, but all her tears couldn’t bring the deceased back to life. She was handed over to her aunt, who never for once liked her. Anytime she went there for visiting when her parents were still alive, her aunt would curse her and call her names; she never knew why her aunt hated her, but after telling her dad, the answer he gave her was, “She doesn’t hate you, that’s how your aunt is. She knows that if she behaved nicely to you, you will end up growing as a spoilt brat.”

It was just an excuse to cover up the real reason why his sister hated his daughter, she hated her because she never liked her mother for once, coupled with the fact that she came out as a girl, instead of a boy as she always wanted.


The scene was an expensive and luxurious sitting room that was well furnished with expensive settings. A large TV that was bright enough to blind someone’s eye was hanging on the wall.

A wide round glass table occupied the center of the living room with a beautiful cream coloured rug underneath. The floor was made of tiled marble, that if you didn’t walk gently on it, you will slip. There were five sofas occupying the living room. Two wine-coloured single sofas, two cream-coloured single sofas and a white long sofa.

A beautiful chandelier which dazzled with gold lights was hanging on the ceiling. The beauty of the chandelier was okay to capture your sight for an hour with your gaze focused on it. The spotlights in the ceiling added more beauty to the living room.

Hajiya Aisha was seen sitting on the white long sofa with her head bent down, she was still mourning her late brother and father’s death. Her brother’s wife death wasn’t anything to her as she didn’t show any grievance on her demise. She was wearing a gown with an hijab covering her hair and a medicated spectacle held in her hand.
Beside her was her husband, Alhaji Sadiq. He was sitting very close to her with his right hand rounded on her back. He was wearing a black kaftan and a cap to cover his head.

Opposite them was a man dressed on suit, seated and facing them with a briefcase sitting on the floor close to his right leg. The moment was indeed a sad and solemn one.

Hajiya Aisha’s POV

Since my brother and father were laid to rest few days back, I didn’t have any choice but to adopt my late brother’s daughter, even though I don’t like her a bit. Her mother brought nothing but pain to me and my family and I’ll sure make her pay for her mother’s sin.

Ahmed lawyer called that he’ll be coming to see my husband and I, because Ahmed kept something in his custody which I don’t know about yet. He just arrived now, we welcomed him and were still waiting to hear what he had to say.

“I’m very sorry for your loss, please accept my condolences ma,” Barrister Kevin, Ahmed’s lawyer greeted immediately he sat down.

“Hmm, everything still looks like a dream to me, but what can one do? The deed has already been done. Allah knows why it had to happen this way,” I answered with a sober voice

“When I heard what happened, I couldn’t believe my ears. I have been his lawyer for up to fifteen years now, our relationship has become very tight before he had to go. I couldn’t help it but shed tears, Ahmed was such a good man. Please take heart and stay strong. May his soul find comfort in the hands of his creator,” he said.

Amin!” my husband and I answered in response to his prayer.

“The documents of ownership of double leathers enterprises Nigeria has been with me for the past fifteen years now. Mr Ahmed kept it under my custody because he said that the documents will be in a safer hands if they were with me. As you all know, Mr Ahmed is survived with a child who is not of age to run his business. As instructed by him, he said to me that if by mistake anything happened to him or his wife, or the both of them at a time, I should hand over the documents to his only sister so that she can help him watch the business till his daughter comes of age. Here’s the documents ma,” he said and handed over some documents that he took out from his brief case. I collected the documents and wore my spectacle to check it.

“Thank you very much for keeping this barrister, my brother must be very happy wherever he is right now that you fulfilled his wish,” I said

He smiled and said, “Since this is the only thing I can do for my late friend, I’m very happy that I’m doing it.”

“Thank you very much,” my husband said proferring his hand for a hand shake.

“You are welcome sir,” the barrister responded receiving my husband’s hand.

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