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My First Love (Episode One)

Surrounded with tall thick trees, light-brown in colour, ravaging like a desert in thirst for water. I stood glimpsing towards each nook and cranny as dread covered my limbs. Soon now, the day seemed to have hidden in the shadow of the night. I gazed at my wrist watch, it was quarter past nine. Goodness me!

“How did I get here?” I questioned myself, certainly, not expecting a reply.

As loud as trumpet, some creatures kept whooping. My heart raced simultaneously as I gasped. I took to my heels bumping against some cracked deposit of rocks. I felt weary, harbouring the thoughts that the forest was endless.

Having ran for about forty-five minutes, I met my fate at a juncture, where light beamed in a vertical line. Then, a creature who looked like a heavenly host descended amidst the sparkling ray of light. Meanwhile, I was forced to bow my head, covering my eyes.

Thunderously, his voice echoed, “My daughter, why has thou decided to chase after love wherein no love is as fulfilling as that which I give? See? You risked your faith, and life for a man who didn’t care about you? I brought you here so to tell you how precious you are to me. Therefore, I shall give you another chance of life. Go, maximize it. Go! Go! Go !” he concluded.

Perplexed at the fact that I was dead, I wept, kneeling down as I made a confession of gratitude.

In a jiffy, I sneezed, having been resuscitated to life. The images I could sight were foggy. Finally, I could see mum, sitting on a chair beside my bed. Her head tilted to and fro like a merry-go-round. Her left hand was supporting her head as she slept. Her face appeared to be swollen. I felt her pain. Mum must have wept profusely considering my present state of health. I had bandage wrapped around my tummy. Then I stretched out, trying to sit, only to receive a sharp pain like a poke inside my chest. Immediately, memories of my visit to Charles flashed in my head—scenes after scenes. I cried my eyes out.

“Charles is heartless. He must pay for this ordeal he had put me through!” I yelled out.

Mama was awoken. Screaming for joy, she hugged me.

“How do you feel, Rejoice?” she asked. I felt remorse tie my vocal cord like a rope tied at the neck of a goat. I didn’t utter a word. She ran out and soon she was back with the Doctor. He did some check-ups and assured that her that I was safe and sound.

Then mum left, telling me that she had something to do.

Read Part Two.

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