Multiple Personalities

People know me as a writer; mostly on Facebook.
When they hear my pen name, they cull up a kingdom, throne, servants and gowns.

To others who have known me for most of my life, I am one annoying child who probably plays too much, laugh too hard and always has a trick up on her sleeves.

To some who had heard of me and fate brought us together, I see the image of comparison …
the personality behind the face on my account and the brawny girl winking two small eyes at them and dentures probably bigger than the shape of her face put together …
not too beautiful perhaps nothing special!

I understand them … the shock and the mental torture.
I have my insecurities too!
I am a girl whom a lot of people believe in but who fails dearly to believe in herself.
Perhaps, these people have not met with me to have a change of mind …

But I know this like I know my name;
behind the girl who smiles rigorously on safe selfies is an adequately shy girl.

You see, multiple personalities do not only manifest in the mentally retarded…
it exists in places you never dare imagine they would.

Or maybe, I am mad afterall in a sane kind of way.

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