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Unheard Innocence

“Please let me go. I don’t want to die,” my voice echoed amidst the crowd.

“She’s a thief, she deserves to die,” said the man who held my arm fiercely.

Jide had been shot on his forehead. I couldn’t bear to see his innocent blood trail through his blue T-shirt and to the ground.

Abruptly, stones and desiccated leaves were thrown at me. Is this my fate? I thought as tears streamed down each side of my face.l, while chattering voices dominated the air.

I wished Mama, James, and Mimi were here to rescue me. I forced a smile, knowing too well that they were with God already.

I said my last prayer to God. And at the opening of my eyes, the gun fired. Boom!

Frightened, I woke up, breathing heavily. I realized that Anita had slammed the door wide open.

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