Love in the Air

Love in the air
So they usually say
Love in the air, not just on lovers’ day
But everyday

Love in the air
It means we breathe in lovely air
Every day

Loai was a petite beautiful girl
Who did nothing but breathe in as much love she could inhale
She was ambitious
Hopeful, not spoonful

All she did was breath out exactly
What she took in
But … toxics, lunatics, psychotics
They said she was anorexic
She knew she was okay, she even had her test results from last three months

No one cared to listen
She wished to become
who and all they wanted
She lost herself
Confused, loose, abused
She lost sight, dim, not bright

Skinny, shapeless, boobless, buttless, was all she could thinkless—less, less
Gradually she believed them
She wasn’t attractive after all, she thought

Was the alternative
She watched how they faked it
Piam— so fast she learnt

Love in the air
Became hate in the air
They pushed her into it
They still compete with her
She lost it
She starts to breathe out hate like them

No one knows love is still in the air
Yes, some still breathe love in and out
While others hate!
They complain, hate that people hate
While it’s their fault

No matter what you see, how you feel
No matter how you are treated
Give out what you want to see
Treat others how you want to be treated
No one wants to be maltreated
Be positive
And love right
Cause truly LOVE IS IN THE AIR.

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