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It Must Have Been You

That melody in my head
It gave me pleasant aches
Echoing through the caves of my mind
Barely elusive; sounded by unknown instruments
I’m quite sure; it must have been you

I see different smiles everyday
But a certain one haunts me at night
A blur memory, yet a priceless one
Puffed cheeks and a set of white teeth that shame the world
Doubtlessly, it must have been you

Waves of uneasiness hit me
What rippled down my spine?
The wind carried a familiar scent
And a voice that rang bells in my head
Again and again, it must have been you

My heart knew a song
It’s notes, entrapped within the walls of my heart
Unusual music; masked lyrics and sparks of light
The song knew a name that I knew too
The song betrayed you; it was always you

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