I Wish

I wish I could boldly call this a poem,
but my critiques will disagree.
They’ll say I’m unorthodox,
raw, lawless and amateur.
But that’s okay, I’ll still write.

I wish I could say no to a friend,
a friend that needs my help,
the kind that’ll cost me my comfort.
I wish I’m rich and powerful enough,
to help all my friends.

I wish I could compromise my being,
so I can fit in and be accepted.
I wish my mind isn’t so mindful,
and my soul isn’t so soulful,
so I can be common once in a while.

I wish I could lie to girls about my feelings.
I wish I could say, “I love you”
without meaning it,
just so I could get laid.
Maybe life would be more fun.

I wish I’m God.
I wish I had the power to take away free will.
I wish I could force love into the hearts of men.
Then, we’d stop killing each other.

All these I wish for,
but my greatest wish,
is for the strength to continue being me.

I wish I never change…

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