Dear Xeno, It’s Me Your Brother

Dear Xeno, it is me your brother,

It breaks my heart to see how you’ve rejected your own, I am sad; how else do you feel apartheid and oppressed, what are we competting for?

I have always loved you as a brother, the black skin we share, our origin. From where did this misplaced anger and prejudice come from?

How did you despise you beginning? Our heritage? Our race for phebos?

Xeno, you disgust me.
Our ancestors would be disappointed in this public show of stupidity you’re creating, you’ve made the African race a laughing stock amongst the white folks, you’ve rejected the black breast upon which you suckled.

What did they give you Xeno? Which wine did you take for it intoxicates you beyound reasoning.
How much did they give you to wage war against your fellow brother?
You now call your brother a foreigner, slaying our throats on the streets of Johannesburg.

Clearly you have amnesia cause you have forgotten how the solidarity of black skin freed you from oppression of the whites.

How else do we join to fight the oppressor when you’re fighting me at home?

Oh Xeno! I’m disappointed in you, you have failed me

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