… And After Fifteen Moons

Standing on the precipice of a certainly ‘wasted’ life
I blindly suck the charred bones of my dead dreams.

With an unseeing eye and a deaf heart
The hopes of three worn decades fade away in tiny wisps of regret.

It is impossible to ponder progress
While entrapped in this coccoon of misery and hungry restlessness.

Once upon a time there was light
Now, only the stirrings of insanity’s blooming tumor remains.

Staring blankly at faded images of what I once was
Pain comes in bald gasps like a staccato gun.

For me,
no future
no rain
no sun.

I once told I was a child of the Son
Where is He now to lift the sorrows I’ve borne?

I seek not your pity
I want just my voice heard
Before I speed on the highway to hell
Leaving a sliver of my shadow behind.

To haunt fellow ghosted lives
Resurrecting hope in the hearts of dead men.

Maybe, in this way

A good memory of my pitiful existence will remain.

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