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The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 14)

Continued from the last part…

Ryan’s POV

I went to school the next day and I didn’t see Danielle in school. I wonder why she wasn’t school today or was it because of what I did?

It doesn’t hurt, does it? I asked myself. It hurts definitely though. but all other girls I have done that to, they don’t even act like they were hurt by it.

But why isn’t she in school today? I’ve been looking at the entrance of our classroom for a couple of minutes now but there is no trace of her coming to school

Hey Ryan, stop worrying about her, a voice said in my mind. Yes, why do I care if she comes to school or not! I have done what I wanted with her and that’s all. So why do I care?

But I miss her company right now, I miss her smile, the way she talks and everything about her.

Ryan stop it, what are you thinking? You can’t truly fall for her okay? I shook my head thoroughly to take the thoughts of Danielle away from my head.

Now that I’ve noticed it, Ian and Rose aren’t in school too. I sense something fishy. How come the trio decided not to come to school on the same day? Ian could have told me that he was not coming to school, he is my best friend so he should inform me. I think he doesn’t want to tell me probably because we weren’t on good terms because of Danielle’s issue. I’ve done what I needed to do, but I think there is more to why Ian doesn’t want me to do that to Danielle.

Is he falling for her? Yes, I snapped my fingers. If not that he had fallen for her, there’s no reason why he would tell me not to go near her and play with her feelings.

But I’m done now, I just want my friend back. I’ve missed him so much. He has kept a lot of distance away from me now, I hate that. I was still thinking when the geography teacher came in.

Danielle’s POV

I was sleeping soundly when my view diverted to another place entirely, I saw someone but my view was blurry.

“Who are you?” I asked the person in front of me, he turned and it was my father. I quickly ran to hug him. “Dad you finally came back. You don’t realize how much I have missed you dad, let’s go back. I have saved up enough money for your treatment,” I told him and tears rushed down my eyes, he used the tip of his fingers to clean my tears.

“My dear daughter, I can’t come back, but I want you to forgive your mother. She wanted the best for you, I didn’t want her to come and take you away from me just like she did to Rose, so I had to vacate our former house so she wouldn’t have a clue about where we are. I knew that she would come and look for you, she isn’t a bad mother, though she was materialistic, but she is the best mother you will ever dream to have. Forgive her for me,” he said.

I nodded hastily. “I will, I will forgive her, but dad come back, I really missed your scolding dad,” I said and he started fading away slowly.

“Thank you my lovely daughter,” he said and I couldn’t see him anymore.

“Dad!” I shouted and woke up.

I took my father’s picture and wept again, Rose placed my head on her shoulder.

“Cry if you want to, cry on me. I’m right here for you,” Rose said and I cried again.

We heard sounds in the living room and we both went outside. I quickly ran to meet my mother and hugged her tightly.

Rose did the same and our mother was surprised at this, she quickly hugged us back and we all wept.

“I’ve forgiven you mother but please don’t leave me ever again, don’t leave me like dad did,” I said.

“I won’t leave my babies again,” Sheila said.

“Dani what do you mean by ‘I’? Not only you forgave her, we forgive you mom,” Rose said and we hugged each other.

“You made the right decision guys, baby come hug me too, I’m jealous,” Ian said and Rose quickly went to hug Ian, she forgot that her mother was there.

“Rose what was that?” she asked.

“Mom, actually—”

“Actually, she is my girlfriend,” Ian said and Rose hit him, he faked a frown and she quickly massaged him and he smiled.

“My baby has a boyfriend, and I like him too. But no naughty plays, remember Rose bubble space now,” she said and rose moved away from him a little. They all smiled. “Dani, what about yours?” mom asked and I quickly hid my face.

“Mom, don’t spoil me. I don’t know anything about having boyfriends,” I said and we all laughed. “It’s good to have a family,” I said as we all sat down like one family.

“I’m hungry,” I shouted, rubbing my stomach and my mother quickly stood up to prepare food for them, they all ate to their satisfaction.

I packed all my clothes with my father’s picture, and I locked the house and followed mom.

“I’m leaving now,” I said and turned to where mom’s car was. I placed my head on mom’s shoulder and looked at the house till it was out of sight. We got to their new house, and I came down from the car

“This is my new house, mom you are rich. I’m a rich woman’s daughter!” I shouted and ran around the house, my luggage was placed in my room, but I took it to Rose’s room.

“I should sleep in the same room with my twin,” I said and Rose laughed, then we kept everything in place. Ian had already left us , so we both sat beside the pool.

“No one would have noticed that you were Ian’s girlfriend, I’m happy for you twinnie. He is very nice and I approve of him being your boyfriend,” I said.

“Thank you,” Rose said. ” And about Ryan. He—” she tried to talk but I silenced her.

“Don’t talk about him, let’s talk about other things. Or perhaps how we are going to make sure that Amelia loses this competition,” I said but rose shook her head.

“No, no, no, no, let’s do that tomorrow, but today, we must play just like sisters do,” Rose said and pushed me into the pool, Rose ran away. “Catch me if you can,” she said, I came out pool and ran after her.

“Better don’t let me catch you,” I said and ran as fast as I could, mom smiled as she looked at us from her room.

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