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The Confound (Episode Eight)

Continued from the last part…

Rose stood dumbfounded. Before she could find her voice again, Michael spoke, “I hope all is well, you have a patient here?”

“Oh yes,” Rose finally responded. “I came to say a big thank you to you. My mum is the woman, the accident victim rushed in a few hours ago. Thank you so much Mr Michael, I owe you a lot.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry about your mum’s accident,” Michael replied sympathetically.

“But, she’s getting better, all thanks to God. I never knew she is your mother, isn’t it a small world like Rita just said?”

Roseline’s cell phone rang again, it was her Dad. “Hello Dad, please ask for the CMD’s office, I am right there.”

“Where’s my wife?” Mr Edwards demanded hastily immediately he entered the doctor’s office.

“Calm down Dad, she is responding to treatment, we left her ward some minutes ago in order not to disturb her sleep,” Rose assured him.

“I see. Hello doctor, I am Mr Edwards,” Roseline’s Dad said, offering the CMD a handshake.

“Pleased to meet you sir, I am Dr. Michael.”

“So, how is the condition of my wife? I hope there were no fatal injuries?”Mr Edwards asked impatiently.

“Not at all sir,” the doctor replied, “she was very lucky not to have hit her head on the ground. Though there are minor bruises on her face, probably when she fell, but they will heal up with time.”

“Ha! Thank you Jesus,” Mr Edwards replied with great relief showing on his face.

“So, can I see her now please?”

“No problem,” the doctor said, “just make sure you do not disturb her sleep.”

“Okay, I won’t,” Mr Edwards assured him.

Roseline led the way to her mother’s ward, while explaining the help Rita had rendered to save mother’s life. Mr. Edwards thanked her profusely and gave her a sum of twenty thousand naira as a token of his appreciation. She was overjoyed.

Some minutes later, they were back at the reception area of the hospital. Rita then asked to take her leave, promising to check back later.

Not long after then, Dr. Michael came around, he was about to take his leave too. It was half past five in the evening. Mr Edwards stood to appreciate and shower him with prayers again for the help he rendered.

“All glory and thanks to God sir,” the doctor replied.

His eyes and Roseline’s met. They were lost in each other’s gaze for some seconds, which seem to be like eternity. Mr. Edwards did not notice this. It was evident that a kind of plain likeness had started to develop between them. She followed Michael to the car park, she couldn’t believe she was doing this, it was as if Michael should not leave her. She suddenly felt lonely when Michael was leaving. Somehow, this guy had the power that made her heart pound ten times faster each time their eyes met. He was so handsome, gentle, humble, and above all, caring, a total and complete package of an ideal man!

Could it be that I have started developing some feelings for this man? Someone I just met today?Jesus! It can’t be. I rebuke the devil. What an abomination, I am a married woman for Christ’s sake, why should I be having unholy feelings about for man asides my husband?

All these were Roseline’s thoughts as she followed Michael. As they got to where he parked his car, that sudden feeling of attraction came on her again, engulfing the whole of her being. She decided to follow her mind and take the risk.

Just being friends is not a bad idea, she thought.

“Umm.” She cleared her throat and said, “Please , are you going through that same route where you picked me up in the morning?”

“Oh yes, madam.”

“Roseline,” she interrupted him, she didn’t like the way he called her madam.

“Okay, Rose. Oh yes, my house is not far from that junction where I picked you, it’s about five minutes drive from there,” he replied.

“Alright, can you please wait a bit? I will need to go with you so as to pick my daughter at school, she would be worried by now. But before that, I will also need to go pick my bag in there and tell my Dad about my movement.”

“Alright, the pleasure will be mine,” replied Dr. Michael. He smiled at her, revealing those enchanting set of teeth again.

As Roseline turned around to enter the hospital again, she knew she had fallen for this charming man already, but being a practising and fervent Christian that she was, she concluded the best method to employ in situations like this is total avoidance. She decided to avoid Michael completely once her mum had been discharged from the hospital. One thing she wasn’t sure of was if Michael felt the same way for her. She wished he didn’t. If not, refusing him would be such a herculean
task for her.

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