Pains of Hadiza (Episode Twelve)

Continued from the last part…

Halima’s POV

The distance from Kano to Kastina wasn’t that much, that was why we didn’t board a flight, and my husband said he preferred driving to flight, because he derived fun from it. Few hours later, we reached my family’s house and went straight to the hospital where my father was admitted. He was really responding to medication because the day my younger brother called me and announced that baba was hospitalized, the way he described his state of health was really scary. We weren’t able to rush down there immediately because my husband wasn’t in town last week, he told me to wait for him to get back so that we can go together. I called my elder sister and told her what had happened, she told me to wait for my husband while she would rush down to Kastina first.

We spent three days in Kastina with my sick father and my other family and now set to return back to Kano. I’d really miss my daughter. We drove down to the hospital to bid my dad goodbye before embarking on our long journey.

Zamu koma Kano baba (We’re returning back to Kano baba),” I said to my father when we reached the hospital.

Allah kai ku lafiya. Ku geshe mani jika na (May Allah take you back safely. Extend my greetings to my granddaughter).

Amin (Amen),” we chorused.

Zai ji. Ya samu hutu zai zo wurin ka (I will. She will spend the holiday with you),” I said and he smiled happily, he really loved Hadiza.


Ka lura da kan ka baba. Allah ya kawo sauki (Take care of yourself baba. May Allah heal you)” my husband said and he replied amen before we left

Hajiya Aisha’s POV

I was in my bathroom bathing when I heard my phone ring. Luckily for me, I was already done bathing, so I wrapped my towel round my chest and head straight to my bed to get the call. I picked my phone and checked the caller, it was an unknown caller.

“Hello,” I said immediately I picked the call.

“Hello! Are you the sister of one Mr. Ahmed?” the caller asked in a rush, the voice sounded like that of an aged man. What’s with this haste in his voice and why is he asking me such a question?

“Yes I am. Who are you please?” I asked politely.

“Your brother and a woman he was with in the car met with an accident. He was rushed to the hospital,” the caller said with same haste in his voice.

“What!” I shouted on top of my voice. “Which hospital and how is his health? “I asked immediately. This can’t happen to my only brother, no.

“The woman he was with died immediately but your brother was rushed down to the hospital, I don’t think he’ll make it because he’s having an internal bleeding,” the caller said.

“Please what’s the name of the hospital?” I asked again, drop of tears fell from my eyes. Ahmed had told me that he’d be traveling to Kastina with his wife few days back and I just said okay.

“Alheri Hospital, the one close to the office of the Auditor General for the Federation.”

“Okay. I’ll be there now,” I said and hung up. I got dressed up immediately without applying any make up, not even a powder. The journey to Alheri Hospital was very far, how can I get there in time? This can’t be happening, Allah please save my brother. I can’t lose him, no I can’t. I rushed into my car and zoomed off. I got to the hospital after the long drive and met the nurses in the reception.

“Please, was anybody named Ahmed Mustapha admitted here?” I asked.

“Wait, let me check,” she answered and started checking her list.

“He was in an accident together with his wife, please check very w—” I was still talking when I saw a body that was covered and being wheeled to the morgue. In my mind, I started praying that this shouldn’t be my brother, Allah would not allow this. I rushed to the body and opened it. Behold, it was my beloved brother.

“Ahmed nooo! You can’t do this to me. Please don’t leave me, I beg you with Allah. You are the only sibling I have, I can’t lose you,” I said amidst uncontrollable downpour of tears, and shaking his body. His body was full with injuries, why must Allah allow such unfortunate circumstance to befall my family?

“Are you his sister that I called a while ago?” an aged man wearing a lab coat and a stethoscope rounded on his neck asked me. It should be the doctor.

“Yes, he’s my brother,” I managed to answer, still crying.

“We are sorry ma, we tried our best but he couldn’t make it,” the doctor said. Did he just say he tried his best? His best wasn’t enough by letting my brother die. Out of pain and anger, I grabbed his cloth.

“You tried your best? Did you just say you tried your best? My brother wouldn’t have died if he wasn’t brought to this cheap hospital. You killed my brother, doctor. If you couldn’t treat him, why didn’t you transfer him to a better hospital?” I said with rage conspicuously showing in my teary eyes. I kept on shaking him hard that he almost lost balance.

“Calm down ma, we tried our possible best. His condition was very critical when he was brought in here by a good Samaritan. I’m sorry for your lost,” he managed to say.

What’s the point of holding him. Will this bring back my dead brother? I released my hands from his collar and fell on the ground weeping. How will baba react when he learns that his only son, his eyes was no more? Would he be able to survive the shock?

“Where’s Halima’s corpse?” I asked.

“Her corpse is in the morgue,” he answered

Halima brought all this on you Ahmed. Had it been you had listened to me when I told you not to marry her, because she was nothing but bad luck, you would have been alive by now. She pushed you to Kastina where you met your death. Oh my beloved brother, may Allah accept your soul in paradise.

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